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Call 347-625-9344



Botanica 37-63 92 Street near Roosevelt Ave Jackson Heights Queens New York NY 11372 Call 718-476-3450 or 718-812-8553

Botanical 37-63 92 Street near Roosevelt Ave

Jackson Heights Queens New York NY 11372

Call 718-476-3450 or 718-812-8553

Botanical Roosevelt Ave

Botanical Queens




Dr. Gerson F. Mendoza - Chiropractor 718-639-5700

Dr. Gerson F. Mendoza - Chiropractor




Little India begins on 74th Street and Roosevelt Ave.

 one of the first places we suggest you stop at is

Delhi Heights what a great atmosphere!!!

The staff there is professional,

 polite and courteous.

 Click their business card to view the website. Enjoy :)
Introducing Little India





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Roosevelt Avenue Flushing, New York NY






Betty Boop - Helen Kane
Iron Works Jackson Heights
Classic NY Limousines
Wedding Blog
New York Social Networking
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The street sign at the corner of 35th Avenue and 81st Street in Jackson Heights has some unusual numbers. They're actually Scrabble . Full Story






Bridal Shop

Roosevelt Ave.

Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Main Office: Your number here

It is no secret that Roosevelt Avenue is the busiest street in Jackson Heights, Flushing, Corona, and Elmhurst. Queens is the largest multicultural center in the United States, and to add to that, its apart of the most powerful nation on the planet. According to a census report, more than 180 languages are spoken in Queens, making it the Babel of the United States.





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During the bad weather days and days you just don't feel like

coming out, you can now shop Roosevelt Avenue online at What a great idea. This site is powered by

 the merchants and Residents that live near and work on Roosevelt Ave.

 . Full Story






Roosevelt Ave Jackson Heights, Queens, NY 11372

Roosevelt Avenue Corona, New York NY 11368

Roosevelt Avenue Woodside, New York NY 11377

Roosevelt Avenue Sunnyside, New York NY 11104



  • Sunny Side

  • Woodside

  • Corona

  • Jackson Heights

  • Queens Borough Plaza

  • Flushing


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I should have ducked! Wow that hurts theres got to be an easier way to make a living. Now we need a new ball.Watch live Sports here on Thats right blow by blow action now available on full story

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Roosevelt Avenue, Roosevelt Ave, Roosevelt Avenue, Roosevelt Ave, .


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Roosevelt Avenue, Roosevelt Ave, Roosevelt Avenue,

Roosevelt Ave, Roosevelt Avenue, Roosevelt Ave, .  


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